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Salaryman (live)

The Garage, London 28th November 1999

If a band sounds the same live as they do recorded, it can be a bit disappointing. Too clean, too rehearsed. Seeing Salaryman live at The Garage could easily have been like that, only it never strayed into those well-trodden pedestrian precincts. The only non-perfect things about this show were the lack of audience (Sunday night maybe?) and the less than amazing sound system difficulties. Salaryman themselves were pristine, and beyond that, purely enjoyable. “Thomas Jefferson Airplane” came on massive and Manga, putting me in mind of a fabulous Godzilla style battle waged out aurally between oscillator bass and drums and guitars vs. keyboards. Bass-zilla vs. King Ghidra Electronic perhaps? Of course with special guest Mothra and the crying Godzuki. Add in the pterodactyl screaming flame-throw of Monster Island and this song was far more fun to watch live than it might perhaps let

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Salaryman – Karoshi

Label: City Slang Format: CD,LP

Karoshi - sleeve detailThere’s a thing with prefixes and the word “Rock” (or “ROCK!” if you prefer) – Post-Rock, Art-Rock, sometimes (dare I say it) Prog-Rock. Salaryman seem content to slide about in this general area, not quite difficult enough to be Post-Rock, too much fun to be Art-Rock (“Thomas Jefferson Airplane” as a track title for example. Cool!) and never going quite that little bit too far and plunging into Prog territory. However, as the soaring Hawkwind guitar on opener “Strong Holder” and the keyboard stabs on the aforementioned “Thomas Jefferson Airplane” indicate, they are not too scared to miss out Prog entirely and go off into that other much-maligned direction, Space Rock; but a bit more Jazz. And less Metal. Oh, fuck it, maybe this prefixes thing isn’t going to work out after all…

Karoshi is

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