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Cozmik Onion Express 2.91414 / Sculpture / Yuki Tsujii (live at New River Studios)

London 16 September 2015

Out on the margins of London’s more fashionable postcodes, things are brewing and ticking over quietly to themselves once again. One such night of music and more takes place in the calmer reaches of Manor House in the unhurried Bohemian environs of New River Studios’ performance space, filled for the evening with Reuben Sutherland‘s engrossing video projections. As the audience begins to trickle in, Reuben blends and stirs his various liquids into a suitably cloudlike backdrop, providing suitable echo to the deluge of autumnal rain which passed through the city earlier in the day, soaking and saturating everything in its path.

Yuki Tsuji at New River StudiosYuki Tsujii opens his solo performance with meandering guitar as recursive as the bends of the swollen New

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Sculpture – Membrane Pop


Sculpture – Membrane PopI’ve heard it said that for art to truly succeed, it needs to run the risk of failure. If there is no antagonism, if everything is completely predictable, it glides right off of you without making an impression. Compare Tropic Of Cancer to drugstores full of pulp romance, for example. When an art form is rote, completely succumbing to convention and formula, you might be able to appreciate the craftsmanship a bit; but that’s about it.

A lot of what passes for the electronic music industry, such as digital 12″s topping the DJ charts, is just so much anonymous, replaceable commodity filler (and that’s part of it’s attraction and appeal, I realize), with artists sticking to their comfortable niche and BPM. It’s all fine

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Sculpture – Rotary Signal Emitter


In their download panic frenzy, labels and artists are coming up with ever more ingenious/desperate ways of providing attractive bonus content with their physical releases. It’s common for CDs to feature bonus video content, but as far as I’m aware, this is the first vinyl record to offer bonus video footage – on the actual grooves of the record itself!

The aptly named Rotary Signal Emitter is no sales gimmick though; the visual element is as integral as the audio, each complementing the other and sharing the same aesthetic of collaged found sounds and images. Both sides of the picture disc feature concentric sequences of images that just become a blur when spinning on the turntable. The key to unlocking the images is to view the record via a video camera, the camera shutter acting as the slits in an old

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