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Siinai – Sykli


Siinai - SykliFinland’s instrumental hypno fourpiece Siinai are back with a standalone follow-up to 2014’s musing on consumerism Supermarket, and what a satisfying burst of cyclical, looping repetition it is.

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Siinai – Supermarket


Siinai – SupermarketWhen I first saw the track titles for this album I was instantly reminded of Galactic Supermarket by The Cosmic Jokers. Spinning the CD I then found that that wasn’t too far off the mark, for this Finnish quartet has more than a touch of the Krautrock about them.

“En-Trance” kicks off things with majestic-sounding synths that are very Klaus Schulze in nature; they have a grandiose feel, like it was composed for some dying nebula. “Shopping Trance”’ has one of the finest motorik beats I’ve heard in a long time, with drummer Markus Joensuu and the bass of Risto Joensuu holding it together over triumphant-sounding synths provided by Saku Kamarainen and Matti Ahopelto. This is a triumph of what a pure

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Siinai – Olympic Games


This is music made from orchestral peak experiences and emotional aggregates; it’s big, a little brassy and, while perhaps not as overwhelming or pompous or Wagnerian as it might have been, it nevertheless has intent, like Laibach without moustaches and Lenin vests.

Finnish quartet Siinai have created 21st Century marching music for non-psychick youths. You’ll have heard some of the guitar + synth textures before but rarely ones so in thrall to power chord structures and the slow build. They don’t once deviate into pop or angst or ethereal wailing; they keep their heads down, like early Mogwai, like post-rock in that brief, chugging, period before Tortoise jazzed it to death. Siinai’s is a simple but visionary music. It would work well as the soundtrack to a mass delusion and thus it works perfectly as an anthem for the Olympic Games,

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