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Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats / Spiders (live at The Scala)

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats live November 2015London 26 November 2015

This keeps on happening at the moment: two great gigs are on the same night. A couple of weeks back it was Graveyard versus Pentagram and tonight it’s Uncle Acid versus Om. It says a lot about the exponential growth of the doom/stoner/occult rock scene in the last couple of years that these two shows could coexist with each other on the same night in fairly large venues and both of them be sold out.

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Blood Ceremony/Spiders (live at The Borderline)

Blood Ceremony live at The Borderline May 2014London 6 May 2014 I was hypnotized and I made a wish to be the slave of Satan. My desire was so strong that I could get easily persuaded…

Let the conjurations begin! Or at the very least an evening of fine music.

The steps down into the darkened caverns of The Borderline seem quite apt for an evening of occult rock and I soon took my place at the centre of the circle and drank of the liquid of the ancient ones in preparation. First up are Spiders, and what a wonderful way to start the evening. The band, who are promoting their album Flash Point, are energetic and powerful. They are more earthy than the headliners and seem more like the

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