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Schneider Kacirek – Radius Walk

Bureau B

Schneider Kacirek - Radius WalkOnce again, Bureau B are doing us proud with a couple of releases that showcase a couple of earlier generations of German electronic music, and also go some way to showing just how important and diverse the label has become.

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Roedelius & Schneider – Tiden

Bureau B

Roedelius & Schneider - TidenRemember that brief, optimistic period in the late ’90s when it seemed that every style of music could be bettered by adding electronics? Like William Orbit‘s Pieces In A Modern Style or Tortoise‘s dub-infused exotica, we were hell bent on improving the past and stitching it to the present. That mission has been re-instated on Tiden, the second collaboration from legendary future classicist Hans-Joachim Roedelius, best known for his work in the ’70s with Harmonia and Cluster, and Stefan Schneider, of To Rococo Rot, Kreidler, and Mapstation.

Roedelius and Schneider have claimed mutual admiration for two giants of ambient music, (if such a term can be used for such slight, subtle musicians): Erik Satie and Brian Eno. Tiden does function

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Roedelius & Schneider – Stunden /Qluster – Rufen/Moebius & Tietchens – S/T

Bureau B

Over the past few years, Hamburg’s Bureau B label has released an astonishing treasure trove of music. Reissues of long out of print kraut classics, including much of the enormous [post=cluster-roundup text=”back catalogue of the Cluster family”], now sit alongside brand new work by many of the people from the German scene, old and new, including recent releases from [post=faust-something-dirty text=”Faust”] and [post=kreidler-tank text=”Kreidler”]. The label now returns to the Cluster camp for us to catch up with just what Moebius and Roedelius have been up to since they last disbanded the duo a couple of years back.

Well, it seems the answer to that is, they’ve been forming more duos. For Stunden, Hans-Joachim Roedelius gets together with To Rococo Rot’s Stefan Schneider to

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