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An interview with Laetitia Sadier

Alan Holmes speaks to Laetitia Sadier about her second solo album.

One of the most played records at our house so far this year has been Silencio, the second solo release by former Stereolab front woman [post=laetitia-sadier-silencio text=”Laetitia Sadier”]. It’s a record that releases its charms slowly, each listening revealing new and wondrous depths. This subtlety is counterbalanced by the direct political nature of the lyrics, harking back to the approach she took in Stereolab’s early days. After repeated plays of the record and a [post=laetitia-sadier-silencio text=”review”] for Freq, I asked Laetitia about Silencio:

Freq: The two solo records seem to be more direct than anything you’d released for years. Did a pressure in Stereolab to avoid repetition lead to ever more intricate records? After twenty years,

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Stereolab (live)

The Peel Sessions Live Queen Elizabeth Hall, The South Bank Centre, London 3 June 1999

The ongoing, haphazard selection by John Peel for his live Sessions continues with the welcome return of Stereolab to live performance after an absence of a year or so. Peel comperes in his usual style, jovial, knowing, knowledgable and slightly diffident, broadcasting (hopefully) the existence of the Neoist Necrocard to a national radio audience. Stereolab take the stage to a rapturous welcome, and it’s like it always was – the arrangement of synth, bass, guitar and drums in an array of joyous power drawn from the sheer beauty of these instruments, these people.

So maybe their forays into Easy Listening kitsch have been some kind of Prog-Lounge journey worthy of some concern for their dubious Muzak propensities; unfortunately, they fail on two levels, that of interest or engagement, and on their former proud boast to

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Stereolab – Aluminum Tunes

Label: Duophonic Ultra-High Frequency Disks Format: Limited 2CD,2CD

Stereolab – Aluminum TunesStereolab have been known for their prolific releases on limited-run seven-inches, compilations and sundry other media – fortunately, they’ve also been very good at collecting their ephemera into neat bundles for those unable to find the original editions. Aluminum Tunes is Switched On Stereolab Volume 3, though quite why the extra name was needed isn’t clear.

The two CD package (with the option of a nice card gatefold in the limited version) contains virtually every non-album or unlimited single track released from 1994-1997, plus the whole of the Music From The Amorphous Body Study Center mini-album too. The only works missing are the Steven Stapleton collaborations, but maybe they’ll turn up again elsewhere one day – hopefully, what

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