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Steve Moore – Mayhem OST


Steve Moore - Mayhem OSTDuring the 1980s, synthesizer soundtracks for horror and science fiction films were ubiquitous; most low-budget, straight to video movies had them. But during the nineties they began to fall out of favour. Fast forward a few years and a new breed of artists began to fall in love with the sound of old analogue synths and decided to try and make music that conjured up the same atmosphere as John Carpenter and Goblin had done in that bygone era.

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Steve Moore – Primitive Neural Pathways

Static Caravan

Steve Moore – Primitive Neural PathwaysIn 1977 I got hold of a copy of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene – and if you would like to get the 21st century version of this album you could a lot worse than buy the new Steve Moore album…

Well, there’s one thing you have to say about Zombi man Steve Moore, he must have a very healthy bank account judging by the amount of classic equipment listed on the back of the album. I almost began to sweat as I read it. ARP Solus, Korg Polysix, Sequential Circuits Pro One and Prophet 600; I could go on and fill up this review very nicely with a list of fine synths that I haven’t seen as large since the Encore-era Tangerine Dream. After all this though what

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