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Rovo and System 7 – Phoenix Rising

G-Wave/Cleopatra (North America)

Rovo and System 7 - Phoenix RisingAfter reviewing the Hinotori single earlier this year I’ve been looking forward to the album release as the tracks on the EP blew me away. So it was with trepidation that I placed the CD into the player and pressed play. I certainly didn’t expect to be instantly transported to another galaxy.

The album begins with an extended version of “Hinotori,” and from the opening cosmic synth pads twittering as if they are a satellite to a giant planet to when Steve Hillage’s signature psychedelic guitar hits in you are already to blast off to another world. The drums scatter around as the guitar takes up a rather grandiose melody. The whole thing sounds uplifting; almost an ode of joy to

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Rovo and System 7 – Hinotori EP


Rovo & System 7 - Hintori EPWhen I first slipped the disc into the player I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this collaboration between Japan’s psychedelic jam band Rovo and the wonderful blissful dance tunes of System 7, but it was certainly nothing quite like this.

The opening track “Hinotori” (in its single edit) is a drum-pounding freak out. Mystical synths hangs in the background and sometimes swirl space rock style. Steve Hillage’s guitar work is monumental and caresses the track in the only way he can. But it’s those beautiful rhythmic drums that shoulder the piece and the amazing bass riff lodges nicely underneath the psychedelic mayhem. The music has an uplifting, almost transcendental feel to it and I can imagine when it’s played live

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System 7/Banco de Gaia (live at The Garage)

The Garage, London 5 October 2012

At the end of the day most venues are the same, there’s a bar the stage a mixing desk and a few nice lights (if you’re lucky). I had not been to The Garage in a long time but remember seeing some great gigs there. As I entered the layout was the same as it had always been, however, System 7 and their cohorts had got their hands on the venue and turned it into a cross between the UFO Club and the old Club Dog meets a Goa beach rave. Colours were everywhere, the ceiling hung with multi-patterned flower shapes as liquid projections danced around the walls. This was true psychedelia in a ’67 style.

Banco de Gaia

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