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The Cesarians (live at The Dublin Castle)

The Cesarians at The Dublin Castle Hallowe'en 2015London 31 October 2015

So it’s Saturday night in Camden Town, and it’s also Hallowe’en, which means picking our way through assorted ghosts, ghouls, clowns and supervillains to The Dublin Castle, there to see London’s mightiest punk/chanson/brass jazz ensemble, The Cesarians. They’ve got a whole new album’s worth of material to play us, and a perfect night to do it on.

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The Cesarians – Pure White Speed

Not Your Average Type /Genepool

The Cesarians - Pure White SpeedThe Cesarians are back, which is great news for all lovers of the dark and depraved, as well as punks and lovers of stuff that rocks hard who have become bored with endless guitar solos. Although they’ve long since broken their own self-imposed “no guitars” rule, that hasn’t stopped them continuing to resolutely plough their own brass-driven furrow to the end of the field where all the bad shit happens.

Their long-awaited new album is a two-part epic, and right from the moment you see the title Pure White Speed you know they’re not fucking around. And just like ACTUAL amphetamine abuse, PWS is the source of a veritable smorgasbord of exhilaration, paranoia, bliss, soul-searching, sleepless nights, bad

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The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing / The Cesarians (live at The Garage)

London 14 November 2014

The Cesarians at The Garage November 2014The Cesarians and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing together at last! Finally London’s finest purveyors of punked-up big band music are sharing a stage with its premier gang of Victorian anarchists, and it’s a wonder it’s never happened before. Also a wonder that it’s happening at all, Men frontman Andy Heintz having only recently been given the all-clear for throat cancer. To mark this special occasion, there are tribute beards everywhere, which is kind of odd.

Sadly by the time we arrive we’ve missed the first band, False Flags, who by all accounts were storming. I shan’t be making that mistake again, for sure. But we are, thankfully, in time for The Cesarians, who I haven’t seen

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The Cesarians (live at The Lexington)

The Lexington, London 22 June 2011

What can be said about The Cesarians that hasn’t already been described, outlined, put into the public sphere? That Charlie Finke is one of the great cavorting besuited frontmen of the century? That Justine Armatage arranges tunes to set the heart pounding and the pulses racing while being cool and intellectual too? That the ever-evolving band can multitask like no-one’s business, swapping instruments from French horn to violin to glockenspiel as the moment demands? That they are, quite simply, one of – perhaps the – premier whatever it is that make The Cesarians unique among performers, artistes, bands (etc) – treading the boards in London and beyond today?

Jan NobleThe answers come in black and white grains, in full-band swells, in percussive strikes and poetic interludes from Jan Noble; from

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