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The Cosmic Dead / Snapped Ankles (live at Baba Yaga’s Hut)

The Cosmic Dead September 2015

The Lexington, London 9 September 2015

There is something about Wednesdays, something odd that doesn’t quite fit right. Wednesday is the square peg in the round hole. It seems to bring out a strangeness in the universe, as if all those planets and solar systems and galaxies out there somehow know that that it’s Wednesday.

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Raw Power 2015

Circle live at Raw PowerThe Dome and Boston Music Room London 24 May 2015

I have to admit that I’ve never been to Raw Power before. Every year, more than any other festival, there are always an amazing bunch of bands that I have wanted to see, or at least witness again. So even though I was unable to do both Friday and Saturdays events, I managed to race to the venues for the start of things on Sunday afternoon.

As I arrived a few stragglers from the night before began to appear, some still looking blitzed or partly shell-shocked; some with tales of drunken debauchery or just suffering from partial deafness from the Earthless set the day before. Someone informed me that it was more packed at the start of things

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Electric Wizard / The Cosmic Dead / Purson / Moss (live at The Roundhouse)

London 15 May 2015

Friday night at The Roundhouse, and the faithful are gathered for what promises to be a night of epic heaviness — four bands culminating with the mighty Electric Wizard are set to compete for our hearts, minds and ultimately, souls. However, due to a rubbish London Transport experience, I arrive when the first of them, Moss, are already half-way through their set.

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Teeth Of The Sea/The Cosmic Dead (live at Baba Yaga’s Hut)

Teeth of the Sea Live at Baba Yaga's Hut Corsica Studios, London 12 July 2014

It was the day of the flying ants. The humidity in London was building and it felt like a storm was about to break any minute. Before hitting the venue I went to the local pub to have a beer and cool down after the heat of London transport. People who sat outside were being assailed by ants and for a brief few seconds a shower hit that washed some of them away. Then the heat rose and steam made its way upwards from the pavement. These were the omens, the portents of what was to come as my ears were about to be aurally assaulted.

Corsica Studios were hot and sticky and the air

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Desertfest London 2014

The Black Heart, The Underworld, The Electric Ballroom London 26-27 April 2014

Desertfest is an event that takes place over three venues in three days. It is a sprawling monster that is there to bludgeon the ears of its attendees as much as possible with every conceivable manner of riff to be explored. This was my first experience of the festival, and I have to say it was a wonderfully well-organised event. The strangest thing about it is because it happens over a weekend the festival goers have to compete with the tourists and casual shoppers of Camden Town which adds to an odd combination. But once the stalls have closed down for the day the points between the venues become the tribal ground of desertfesters.

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The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust

Sound of Cobra (LP)/Paradigms (CD)

The Cosmic Dead – EasterfaustNo-one would have believed that in the first years of the 21st century that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space…

Easterfaust is The Cosmic Dead’s 12” vinyl, two track wig out to spiral galaxies via doses of Krautrock and good old space rock. The vinyl comes in glorious coloured loveliness with some artwork that wouldn’t have been out of place on a Barney Bubbles Hawkwind album sleeve from 1973. The packaging is lovely enough alone to make you want to fork out your hard-earned cash, but what about the music?

Part one starts with a lilting riff with swirls of sound that drift around beneath its chord structure. Some primal vocalising punches

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