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The Cesarians (live at The Dublin Castle)

The Cesarians at The Dublin Castle Hallowe'en 2015London 31 October 2015

So it’s Saturday night in Camden Town, and it’s also Hallowe’en, which means picking our way through assorted ghosts, ghouls, clowns and supervillains to The Dublin Castle, there to see London’s mightiest punk/chanson/brass jazz ensemble, The Cesarians. They’ve got a whole new album’s worth of material to play us, and a perfect night to do it on.

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Mr. Quintron; Miss Pussycat (live)

The Dublin Castle, London 17th April 1999

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Mr. Quintron is a genuine musical eccentric – but more on him in a moment. First up was partner Miss Pussycat and her amazing puppet show. Presented from inside a pink and glittery puppet booth, Springtime In Yeahsville follows other such masterpieces of performance puppet Electronica as her Flossie And The Unicorns album and show. Resplendent in a bizzare mauve and gingham catsuit and Southern-style straight-legged suit respectively, Miss P. and Mr. Q. dived into the booth to present the everyday story of the life of bees in a small archetypal puppet town, where the cars are futuristic, the mountains prone to volcanic explosion and a band has the problem of both the scarey monster and the wicked witch Crispy Cornflake to contend with. Still, the monster was vanquished, its cardboard box head falling off in a spectactular

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Bobby Conn + Penthouse (live)

The Dublin Castle, London 16th October 1998 +Penthouse; Stoke Newington, London 17th October 1998

There can be few experiences as strange or as wonderful as when Bobby Conn and band show up in town in a flurry of wigs, imposture and post-Glam Rock attitude. Truly an eventful, landmark kind of proceeding, where the atmosphere rocks by itself, and the band play on as if they were the only group in the world worthy of an audience’s complete attention. Blasting off on at the Dublin Castle (which must be the ultimate in too-hip Camden rock boozers), Mr. Conn is suitably clad in leather trousers and aggression – hence the opening salvo “Rise Up!,” which only left “United Nations” to inform the crowd that they were in the presence of hardcore, in-yer-goddamned-face Rock Opera.

Dramatic as the opening was, it had a downside in that what followed couldn’t quite match the full-on

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