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Mark E Smith remembered

Mark E Smith may be gone, but not forgotten by Kev Nickells.

The Fall

Photo: Pamela Vander

riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to the last order’s half past ten, brevity’s the soul, a fucking time ago innit. By class, vivisection. Applied Shem literally. Where’s the fucking drummer Mark? fucking drummer.

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The Fall – New Facts Emerge

Cherry Red

The Fall - New Facts EmergeAnd with the coming of the seasons, lo a new Fall album. As ever, bastards to write about. You’ve probably established some sort of perspective on The Fall and, as I’m in my twentieth year of being a bit unwell about The Fall, I’m fairly sure that perspective is wrong.

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The Fall – Totales Turns / Grotesque / The Marshall Suite / A Part Of America Therein / Perverted by Language


…as I always say, anyone who looks at the Fall track-by-track, rather than the correct way, which is as one discrete body of work – is, no pun intended, a fool.

Tobi Blackman, Dictionary Pudding

The Fall - GrotesqueWhen I was doing my masters, there was a seminar several times a week where the phrase “what is at stake with [x]…”

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The Fall – Re-Mit

The Fall - Re-Mit


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The Fall – Ersatz GB

Cherry Red

“I had to wank off the cat/ to feed the fucking dog”

On their…John Peel…members…alcohol…living [if we must] ‘leg-end’…some bollocks about Germanic renderings…millionth…[cough]…returntoformbusinessasusuallwhydotheystillbother [delete as applicable]…wife…relatively…-uh…always the fucking same but fucking always fucking different…fucking…


“I had to wank off the dog/ to feed the fucking cat”

I very nearly decided to write this review as a review of reviews of The Fall. If anyone from any broadsheets is reading, I’ll happily write the next ten years of Fall albums reviews for you by tomorrow (and I’ll probably have time left over to grout Swindon)

The new Fall album is very, very good.

…I read, ages ago, somewhere…what do you mean where? It doesn’t matter, it’s a fucking anecdote. For fuck’s sake…anyway. I read somewhere the MES gave a couple of talks to the James Joyce Society. Sometime in the

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