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The Feelies – In Between


The Feelies - In BetweenForty years after forming, it is nice to welcome back The Feelies with their sixth studio album in all that time and the second since they reconvened in 2008. The band, which still contains founding members Bill Million and Glenn Mercer (who are still writing together), have not really changed their formula too much since 1978.

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The Feelies – Here Before


Even at their peak, The Feelies were not the most prolific of groups, but this fifth album appears almost exactly twenty years after the fourth, making it a substantial wait for even long term Feelies fans.

The group’s phenomenal 1980 debut Crazy Rhythms was one of the dozen greatest records of the twentieth century and it was no surprise that it took the group six years to follow it up, coming up with a new slant for 1986’s The Good Earth. The group’s new approach rejected their début nervous rhythmic experimentation for what seemed like a distillation of all that was great in traditional American underground rock ‘n’ roll, taking the Velvet Underground’s Live 1969 as a definitive year zero blueprint.

1988’s Only Life and 1991’s Time for a Witness followed the blueprint, all standard chord sequences, flat delivery and ultra-neutral

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