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The Tear Garden – The Brown Acid Caveat


The Tear Garden - The Brown Acid CaveatAh, The Brown Acid Caveat. We’ve all heard of it, though not necessarily by name. Delivered over the PA at Woodstock, it was an exhortation to avoid a particular type of tab that was doing the rounds. Probably well-meaning, it almost certainly led to a huge amount of freakouts among people who up until then had been tripping away merrily on that self-same acid.

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The Tear Garden – Crystal Mass

Label: Nettwerk Format: CD

Crystal Mass- sleeve detailWhile we’re all waiting for the Legendary Pink Dots to come back, and for Skinny Puppy to repeat last year’s German reunion with a local gig for local people, cEvin Key, Edward Ka-Spel and associated LPD and Download crews have crafted another Tear Garden album, and it’s a blinder. You know the score – a gothier Dots, maybe, or a more psychedelic Download, or a way more fucked up New Order, or Jean-Michel Jarre on really bad drugs, or… OK, maybe you don’t know the score, ‘cos maybe there isn’t one, unless it’s the scoring of some of the afore-mentioned really bad drugs. And really good really bad drugs they are too.

It all kicks off with “Lament”, a nice poppy number with Ka-Spel adding some frailty and desperation to the bouncy synths and echoey guitar, before

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