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Thomas Dinger – 2000

Suezan Studio

Thomas Dinger - 2000The last thing I was expecting when listening to these recently-unearthed rarities was Gospel. But that’s what hits your ears first, hallelujahs, hand claps and all, roasted on some mad Blackpool-type organ and acoustic hints of blue grassy glinting holy — a bedazzle for the senses indeed.

Thomas Dinger‘s only other released work, Für Mich, lightly dusted you with its composed turquoise, as its strange inclinations subtly took hold in the warmth of a summer’s day. This collection of fragments from the archives leaks these mellow edges too, but is a far edgier beast as the second track proves, plying your ears in wrong modem sounds, bendy electronics flanging away, burger-flipping odd collusions of drum’n’bass. This could quite easily be Frankensteined together, but it’s more like the re-configured soup

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Thomas Dinger – Für Mich

Bureau B

Thomas Dinger - Für MichWhat an arresting cover, that alabaster face seemingly levitating, framed in a burn of auburn hair. I’m convinced that’s a gender messing Thomas Dinger caked in ghostly Clouzot cosmetics. The macabre blue of the lips, and the wing-like Bowie-isms of those scry-worthy eyes throwing everything forward whilst the background simultaneously envelops, giving over an eerie undulating quality to the stillness. Like a Buñuel freeze-frame, eternally tittering on movement.

Those meadowing melodies of “Ballgefluster” seemingly fitting (idyllically) with the flow of those fiery locks. The keyed accents milling like breeze caught corn heads warming up the glassier synth tones; the soft wilt of drums nodding a slow canter. Things are dreamy, quintessentially unhurried; then racing towards some climax that dips exhaustion all to quickly on

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