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Twin – Hverir EP


Twin - Hverir EPThis is a truly haunting experience; think Mazzy Star with a whisper of Shelleyan Orphan or Alison Shaw from Cranes, but softer, swollen in the ambiguous. Its language a diffusion of hues, suggestions for your mind to play with, backed by switchblades of horizon that pull at the frame, inverting the scenery in cycling hooks of guitar, droning key-lines, tumbling percussives.

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Chicaloyoh / Terrine / Twin (live at Café Kino)

Bristol 21 August 2015

Loved the way Twin‘s guitars seemed to shimmer in your mind’s eye like a hazy mirage. A spectre of voice weaving through as lush loops were overlaid in trebling ascents. Endlessly changing, channelling, dusted in a candle-lit intimacy of curling chords caught in a Fursaxa-like beguile. A sound that climbed into scythed skylines and collapsed in radiating waves. A delicate and dreamy apparition that exploded in applause.

Next were angular tantrums of guitar and screaming vox, noisy post-punk shenanigans under the moniker of Terrine (aka Claire Gapenne) to a backing of fucked-up sparks and trashed percussions. She was a box of total surprises that just kept giving fractured with awesome curves of guitar’n’wailing pedals. A blissful, bruising squeezing in an altogether mellower diversion, a surprise brassware addition that gave me TG Fanni Tutti shivers smeared in kettling drumscapes before wasping back to more noisy enthusiasms

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