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Ufomammut – 8

Neurot (vinyl and CD) / Supernatural Cat (vinyl)

Ufommamut - 8So. Ufomammut‘s 8. That’s not the same as New Model Army‘s Eight, though both are the eighth albums by their respective artists. This is 8 as in ∞ turned on its side. Eight seamless tracks of endless riffs — sounds about right.

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Ufomammut / Jex Thoth (live at O2 Academy Islington)

Ufomammut live October 2015

London 9 October 2015

October is the month of Samhain where the boundaries between other worlds and our own is at its thinnest. It is the time of ancient occult rituals to the ancestors and a sign that year is slowly crawling to its end. While the autumnal sun shine hangs in the air the creeping nights have more than a hint of chill to them. It is the perfect time of year for two great occult/psych rock bands to revisit the capital.

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Ufomammut – Oro: Opus Primum


I was wondering, as I took my copy of Topographic Oceans off the turntable, why the dark overlords at Freq Towers felt that I should review the new Ufomammut concept album that will be released in two instalments this year. I scratched my chin a slid the CD from its case and pondered to myself about this. Hmmmmm………

Oro seems to be based around some sort alchemical magickal process that transmutes base elements, such as human fears, into gold. So this is less of a story concept such as The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, but more like the above-mentioned Topographic Oceans, a concept about ideology. First track “Empireum” is a slow-building predominately synth piece whose feels hit similar territory as some

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