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Un Festín Sagital – Kosmodynamos

Beta-lactam Ring

Un Festín Sagital – KosmodynamosIt’s hard not to reference Popul Vuh while attempting to describe the effect of the opening moments of Kosmodynamos, but that’s no bad thing at all. The chime of bells, an evolving ripple of flute, Michel Leroy and Alberto Parra‘s cycling clean guitar strings which coalesce in a slow percussive parade — all hold the same pregnant promise of Florian Fricke‘s singular, almost holy, vision. However, despite the affinities, and there are many, Un Festín Sagital present here four tracks of ritual music for space cadets which proceed, slowly but surely, to blow the tiny braincells of the listener by many and several different means.

So while the mood is often expansive and even mellow, there are little bursts of rapid-fire mania

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Un Festín Sagital – Deimos/Etna

Black Horizons/Self-released

Un Féstin Sagital - DeimosUn Festín Sagital‘s Deimos has just four tracks over its twenty-three minutes and appears both as a cassette on Black Horizons as well as digitally, but makes its presence felt forcefully via whatever medium. There’s more than a slight affinity for the murky avant-garde sounds of a previous cassette era, with “La Ofrenda Danzante del Cuerpo Enamorado” emerging and folding into electronic static while scrawls scuttle malevolently over a drum-machine rhythm. Lurching like some of the now-legendary participants in the famed Eighties industrial tape culture Elephant Table Album compilation, the song embarks on a crawl through the digital margins of music as the vocals are barked militantly like a protest chant. The title track is a winding drone and tone

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Un Festín Sagital – Epitafio A La Permanencia

Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records Format: CD

Un Festín Sagital – Epitafio A La PermanenciaFom the opening blasts of the title track, it’s apparent that Epitafio a la Permanencia is going to be more than just strange – it’s going to be weird. First off Un Festín Sagital get top marks for impersonating Magma within the first few bars, then dropping the dramatic chorale motif for now in favour of a deliciously avant slide into the meanders of a sound which winds its way, in riverine grandeur, from twinkling, tinkling melodicism into organ-surging power cycles, shimmering in the light side of the divide between artiness and artfulness, at the point where prog-rock is not really an adequate description, but is most probably where the band will be pigeonholed – which would somewhat miss the point – it’s far more out there

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