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Raw Power 2015

Circle live at Raw PowerThe Dome and Boston Music Room London 24 May 2015

I have to admit that I’ve never been to Raw Power before. Every year, more than any other festival, there are always an amazing bunch of bands that I have wanted to see, or at least witness again. So even though I was unable to do both Friday and Saturdays events, I managed to race to the venues for the start of things on Sunday afternoon.

As I arrived a few stragglers from the night before began to appear, some still looking blitzed or partly shell-shocked; some with tales of drunken debauchery or just suffering from partial deafness from the Earthless set the day before. Someone informed me that it was more packed at the start of things

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Ye Nuns – Nun More Black

Tuff Enuff

Ye Nuns - Nun More BlackI was going to write something about this being “conceptually perfect,” but that feels a bit disparaging — it’s a tribute act, and it’s obviously important that a tribute act get their ideas right — but there’s a lot more thought gone into this than just “women playing the Monks called the Nuns! Brilliant.”

But I’m going to come back to the actual record in a second. It’s a tribute record, so it makes sense to natter about the Monks first. I first picked up Five Upstart Americans on the basis that the blurb described them as “the anti-Beatles.” Which is, if nothing else, the right reason to buy a record. I’ve often failed to be impressed by that sort of

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