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Ilpo Väisänen – Asuma

Label: Mego Format: CD

Ilpo Väisänen – AsumaOne of the elegant possibilities proposed by this record is of the recursion of loop upon loop; as skeins of glitch or oscillator pulse become intertwined around, along or through each other, they work into the backbrain and get the blood streaming to electronic time signatures derived as much from the sine wave frequency as from intervention by Ilpo Väisänen. One of the legacies of the 303 Acid House beat has been a widespread familiarity with the stochastic benefits of letting the machines rip, to hum along with melodies that have less and less to do with composition and more to do with selection.

So there are slow parts of halting smackerels of the bits thrown out by extirpated sound sources – are they sampled or close-miked from a vinyl groove? It doesn’t really matter when they’re the very stuff of Asuma. Digital snippets or analogue flow, the electrons get converted into sound audible and near-physical; as ever, volume is the friend of immersive listening.


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