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Arto Lindsay – Cuidado Madame

Ponderosa (Europe) / Northern Spy (USA)

Arto Lindsay - Cuidado MadameA culmination of a thirteen-year itch to get back to business, Cuidado Madame cuts into some of the sweetness of previous outings to revel in skittish twists of modernity.

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Arto Lindsay – The Encyclopedia of Arto

Northern Spy (N. America)/Ponderosa (Europe)

The Encyclopedia of Arto LindsayI sort of lost touch with Arto Lindsay‘s work after Mundo Civilizado, the second album in which he swapped his usual oblique guitar trademarks for the sweet whispering of sensual nothings into your ear. A Brazilian-focused crooning wrapped in a spicy salsa of re-circuitry and upbeat topographies.

Disc one of this new Lindsay compendium takes this easy on the ear perspective, twelve songs that span 1996 to 2004 collated by Arto himself. The blend is varied and highlights Lindsay’s excellent wordsmithery. Personally, I really wished he’d put more of Mundo on this first disc. The wavy sigh of “Imbassaí” is sadly absent from the line up, so is the midge-ridden “Horizontal,” although “Complicity” (which does make the

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