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Mark Stewart – The Exorcism of Envy

Future Noise

Mark Stewart - The Exorcism of EnvyThe Pop Group reunion gigs seem to have revitalised Mark Stewart. Rather than basking in the overdue glory accorded his old group, Stewart was straight back in the studio recording his first solo album for four years. The Politics of Envy came out last March, featuring guest spots from many of his punk era peers – Keith Levene, Gina Birch, Tessa Pollitt, Richard H Kirk, Youth etc. – and most rewardingly, their spiritual heirs from Factory Floor. The album was great – claustrophobic, dense and paranoid in the tradition of Stewart’s finest work, but with a lightness of touch that suggested that Stewart had actually learned to have fun with his music.

Some copies of the album came

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Mark Stewart – Consumed: The Remix Wars

Label: Mute Format: CDS, 12″

Mark Stewart - Consumed: The Remix WarsHow to make a remix EP, 1998-style: take a track from your last album (Control Data, in this case). Process in a variety of styles by Ultraviolence (Gabba, twice), No-U Turn (Drum & Bass) and, last but not least (apart from the original mix, naturally), current king of the version and the rewind, Alec Empire (er… JungleGabbaTechnoHipHop).

Guaranteed to break the eardrums at parties, and rather fitting as far as Mark Stewart’s paranoiac rants are concerned. By the way, this is not a criticism — what with paranoids being the only ones who know what’s really going on and so forth — there’s no such thing as an excess of curmudgeonly attacks on consumer society, after all.


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