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Theme – Sacral Blood Warning

Fourth Dimension / Idioblast

Theme - Sacral Blood WarningAt times uncompromisingly brutal, Theme‘s Sacral Blood Warning barely lets up the pressure from the opening moments to its close what sometimes seems like a small aeon later. Along the way, they pummel and pound, rant and reverberate, shaking their groove as much as the walls.

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Theme – No Emotions Catered For


Theme - No Emotions Catered ForThere’s a cryptic, arcane nature to the goods Theme offer up here; which strike me as Coil-like in a lot of ways — that corkscrew of dualities, those discordant magicks, the word-choked secretes, repeat ectoplasms weaving dissident truths.

“Enough is Never – Parts 1,2 & 3” begins in a cornucopia of effect-driven phrase-roasting on a skeleton’s ribcage, Richard Johnson‘s withering words tangling slipping — “NEVER ENOUGH,” a comment on consumerists’ dilating eyes perhaps? The aftershock echo “a broken habit” rooting an impression. There’s this lovely hypnotic quality to the wordplay that drags you drifting in a snakeskin of transparencies, until the skies are swallowed in a squawking herald of starlings. The drama then switches to an underworld of glistening ante-chambers,

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