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Adore Delano – Whatever

Adore Delano

Adore Delano - WhateverAdore Delano‘s third studio album is finally the record that we’ve all been expecting from the punk rock princess of season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her first two albums, Till Death Do Us Party (2014) and After Party (2016) topped dance charts and are played all across the world.

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While She Sleeps – You Are We

Sleeps Brothers

While She Sleeps - You Are WeThe epitome of 2010s Steel City metal, You Are We will climb into your head and make itself at home. Full of rage and angst, this album is the soundtrack for modern youth’s opposition to the world right now.

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Frank Iero And The Patience – Parachutes


Frank Iero And The Patience - ParachutesFrnkiero and the cellabration are reborn under a new name. Familiar and new at the same time, this album shares some things with its predecessor, but is completely different too. Rawer vocals, more chaos: Parachutes is an album that will not go unheard, and will resonate in the minds of those who hear it.

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My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts


My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade/Living With GhostsTen years ago, the already legendary My Chemical Romance released their third studio album. Now, The Black Parade represents so much to their fans; at the time of its release, the album transformed their fanbase into what is called the MCRmy, later to be called the Killjoys, an army that would wage war upon those who would attempt to stop them from being different, from being themselves They also found opponents in those UK tabloids who would accuse MCR of being an “emo suicide cult” that caused their fans to take their own lives — when in reality the band sent out an anti-suicide message, through music that didn’t ignore depression and addiction, that encouraged keeping on

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Of Mice And Men – Cold World


Of Mice And Men - Cold World

The world transfigures us, little by little. Every day we are little bit different: we are okay; we are numb; we are broken. But our main goal is to be all right with who we are in the present. Not always happy, not excellent, not bad, not sad; just okay. And as we go along we pick up pieces of ourselves that we have lost, or new pieces until we are okay. This is what Of Mice And Men‘s Cold World sounds like.

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Asking Alexandria – The Black


Asking Alexandria - The BlackThe Black comes across as the perfect comeback album for Asking Alexandria, one of the plethora of incredible bands that have emerged from what My Chemical Romance dubbed Generation Nothing. Beginning with a confusing mass of seemingly incomprehensible voices timed with a warbling guitar, “Let It Sleep” gets your heart racing as it builds into an irresistible chant before running off and taking you on a breakneck ride of emotions.

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