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Akron/Family (live)

Akron/Family give it some consideration (click for larger image)The Spitz, London 21st April 2006

Akron/Family are not from Ohio, nor are they apparently related to each other. They are also sometimes Michael Gira‘s band Angels Of Light. Tonight at The Spitz they might be themselves, though along the way they play up a storm of other identities, genres and musical forms.

The band are also somewhat hirsute, though not at this stage in their UK tour much more hairy than their crowd, whose beardiness is omnipresent. Somehow throughout a set which lasts well over two hours, they manage to achieve the sweatiest of bodies in a band who remain seated for the large part of the gig. One of the key elements in the Akron/Family schtick is keeping the audience guessing as to just what they might play next. Opening with a rising cacophony played on

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