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The Legendary Pink Dots (live)

The Slimelight, London 1 November 2003 The Pressure Point, Brighton 2 November 2003

The Legendary Pink Dots return to their founders’ home country after an absence of a good few years is always a welcome event – that they then play two gigs in a mini-micro tour is an added bonus. First surprise is their appearance at uber-Goth Saturday mainstay club The Slimelight; second that they play the next day in the upstairs pub room with bells on which is the Pressure Point in Brighton. As it turns out, the contrast could have hardly been more different.

The Slimlight has been and (mostly) remains the sleaziest, scuzziest and sometimes the most vibrant club in London, for going on two decades now. Dark young things and those old enough not to care any longer if black is the new rock and roll slip in at pub closing time to the back

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