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King Salami and the Cumberland Three – Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers!!

Dirty Water

King Salami and the Cumberland Three – Fourteen Blazin Bangers!!Over the years a lot of the music from the 50s and the 60s has been treated badly by many bands and artists. Squeezing every nerve out of great songs to make them fit in big companies’ Christmas parties, or in extravaganza shows in Las Vegas or other money filling shit-holes over the world. Some exceptions, though, but still too few to be counted, compared to all those trying their best to make new generations shiver and gagging by the thought of playing music older than last year’s.

Not so with King Salami and the Cumberland Three. Their debut album is preserving some of the energy from the then-young artists from the 50s and the 60s, but with a collection of fresh new songs, making us wanna go to the dance floor rockin’ and stompin’ as we haven’t done in years. Adding a bit of punk energy to the music, making it even sound new and not dated at all. In my ears they are at times taking rockabilly back to previous eras somewhat like the Stray Cats did in the 80s.

The King himself is also a fresh experience, with his at-times punk-edgy vocals, reminding me of Joe Strummer, but then again he also howls like Screaming Jay Hawkings. So whether they are a new and fresh asset to the blazin’ rock’n’roll scene in London or not, The King certainly sounds like he’s been howlin’ the blues through years of compulsory downing whiskey and countless cigars (or replace with smoke of your choice), and hoppin’ and screaming from stages at steamin’ and smokefilled venues in and around Mississippi. The Cumberland Three, lead on by Brian Setzer – like guitarist Pepe Ronnie, are not doing less, helping putting the right edge, even from the start with the raw uptempo punk-rock’n’roll in “Do The Worst” or “I Smell a Rat.” Even though – or maybe it’s because – the rhythm section, Eric Baconstrip on drums and Kamikaze U.T Vincent on bass, comes from the old-fashioned punk rock act the Chinese Lungs, they also quickly prove the ability of creating tight corners and groove with the “Mojo Workout.”

So moves the album, from one hoppin’ song to another. Claimingto be an old fashioned singles band, designed to get you dancing like a madman, they certainly have made an album ready for parties as well. Put Fourteen Blazin Bangers!! on the record player or medium of choice when you have gathered friends to warm up for a night out; or after you have had a pint at the pub, and decided to bring someone home to prove that you could stay up even though the winter is dark and the mornings comes late, and you will have to spend your early hours trying to kick people out not able to stoppin’ hoppin’.

Anyone lucky enough to come close to one of their shows – and I’m guessing they are moving all around Europe and soon the world – put your dancin’ shoes on and get movin’ before they are too big to stay rough and dirty, and decide to start moving towards the clean and easy trap. Please don’t!

-Ronny Stompin’ his guts out Wærnes-

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