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Suicide (live)

The Garage, London 25th November 2000

Martin Rev (Pic: Linus)Ahhh, poor Suicide… always just missing the boat but still trying to hitch a ride thirty years after Alan Vega claims to have coined the term “punk”. These guys are getting old now, and I must say I did feel a bit sorry for them tonight, faced with a boring as stiffs crowd and faint memories to go on.

Alan Vega (Pic: Olly)My sympathy was not needed really after all. Martin Rev and Alan Vega seemed to be having a time of their lives, happy to play about and remain undeterred from their purpose which was to play Rock and Roll. Perhaps they have mellowed; they have definitely dropped the pissed-off attitude. One wonders if the last two years since their most recent reformation has humbled them, or if the aging process has

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Vainio, Vaisanen, Vega (live)

Irregular The Africa Centre, London 2nd July 1998

Having sat throught he absence of promised DJ Holger Hiller – and hence a repeated digi-dub tape instead – the appearance onstage of two-thirds of Pan Sonic presaged the arrival of Alan Vega. Strutting with his customary swagger, and dressed like a heavy-metal Guardian Angel in shades, Vega launched into his set while his collaborators manipulated the sliders, twiddled the knobs and produced an unholy racket to disturb the surrounding converted non-conformist meeting hall which is now The Africa Centre.

Unlike the recent Suicide gigs, there was no violent response to the stares, poses and screams of Vega forthcoming from the crowd, whose demeanour was rather respectful in the face of a true rock and roll hero working outside his usual framework. Perhaps it was the slightly anonymous presence of Mika Vainio and Ilpo Vaisanen, as opposed to the leather-clad stances

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